The Egadi islands are composed by three small islands: Favignana (the biggest one), Levanzo and Marettimo, located in front of Sicily's West Coast.
Once the islands were only inhabited by tunafishers while they represent now a popular holiday resort for nature lovers and divers.
The islands have a rich underwater world that are divided navigation areas with different restrictions (A, B, C and D).

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 Favignana  Levanzo  Marettimo


The island "Favignana", whose name comes from the southwind "Favonio" is the best furnished of the three islands.
The undamaged beaches and bays, the clear water and the natural beauties of the island attract tourists from the whole world. It is possible living the atmosphere of a traditional fisher town where you can watch every year the "Mattanza", the regular tunafish fishing event.

Useful information:
Harbour master: Tel. 0039 0923.92273
Water and electricity: Yes, on the landing stages of the "Circolo".
Fuel: Yes, on the northern side of the mole

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Levanzo is situated at a distance of three miles from Favignana.
Levanzo has only one inhabited town and you can find many old paintings from more than 10000 years ago.
It is almost impossible finding a berth in Levanzo's harbour because it is so small that only five or six ships and some fisherboats can fit in.

Useful information:
Harbour master: Tel. 0039 0923.92273
Water: No
Electricity: No
Fuel: No

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At a distance of ca. 10 miles from Favignana is situated Marettimo, the most isolated of the Egadi Islands.
There are two harbours on the island: the "Porto Vecchio" and the "Porto Nuovo". In summertime it reserves several berths on its floating landing stages.

Useful information:
Harbour master: Tel. 0039 0923.92273
Water: Yes
Electricity: Yes
Fuel: No

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