The archipelago of the Eolian Islands is composed by seven volcanic islands with seven inactive and still two active volcanos. The islands are a famous tourist attraction for adventure holidays and nature discoveries because of their many beaches, bays, grottos and rich underwater world.

The harbours
There are only harbours are located on Lipari and Salina. There are only few landing stages that are also used by the ferries. With good weather you can anchor in the roads.
On the near coast of Sicily, among Cape Milazzo and Cape Orlando, lays Portorosa, the only marina of the region. With its 640 berths it is the biggest of Sicily, ca. 100 are reserved for travellers.

Useful information:
Harbour master: Tel. 0039 0941-874560
Water: Yes
Electricity: Yes
Fuel: Yes
Maintenance and repairs: Yes

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The island of "Vulcano" is divided in three parts: "Vulcano Piano" (known for its broom plants), "Vulcano Porto", the city center, and "Vulcanello", that araised from the water in 183 AC and is composed by three craters.

The "Vulcano" Island is especially interesting because of its active volcano. You can land in the harbour "Porto di Levante" but services and berths on the quay are rare. Otherwise you can anchor in the bay north from the harbour.

Useful information:
Water: No
Fuel: No
Electricity: No

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Lipari is the biggest one of the islands.

On the Lipari Island it is possible to land on the tourist quay of "Sottomonastero" that is protected from all winds except from East winds. Yachts under 24 meters length can dock on the land quay and buy water at the waterman or land on the north side of the ferry mole.

The mole of Pignataro is from 2 to 5 meters deep and has 40 berths. The quay on the shore is reserved for smaller yachts and offers fix landing stages as well as water and electricity.

Useful information:
Harbour master: 0039 090-9811320/9813222
For landing in "Sottomonastero" you can also call Salvatore Lo Presti: Tel. 0039 360402978
Fuel and water are available at the landing stages of "Marina Lunga".

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North from Lipari is located the island of "Salina", the greenest of the Eolian Islands because of its rich fresh water sources.
The island has three landing stages: Rinella, a beautiful fisher town, Malfa and Santa Marina Salina, main dock of the island. Santa Marina Salina is protected from west winds and can receive up to 10 boats.
You can also refurnish fuel.

The natural bay of "Rinella" on the South Coast has been changed to a harbour. It is exposed to south winds and can be only used if there is no ferry traffic.
The harbour of "Malfa", also called "Scario Galera" is accessible only with a small draft.

Useful information:
Water: Yes
Fuel: Yes
Electricity: Yes

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Panarea is the smallest and also the oldest one of the Eolian Islands. It is the first island that araised from the water because of a volcano eruption.
The island has rock coasts and attracts many VIP tourists. Celebrities like Agnelli, Bulgari or Ruspoli have their holiday house on this island.
It is possible anchoring only before the town of S. Pietro in a distance of 150 meters from the mole corner. The mole is reachable in dinghy.

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Stromboli is the most impressive islands of the Eolian Archipelago because of its active volcano.
It is also called the "Lighthouse of the Mediterranean", because its crater spits glowing rocks that are visible also during nighttime.

In front of the island the anchorage is very unstable. One person should always be on board. You can anchor close to San Vincenzo and Ficogrande.

"Pertuso" is another mooring possibility on Stromboli that is located in the village "Ginostra" on the South-West-Side of the island. There is no harbour but only a little bay for small boats.
In less than 100 meters distance from the shore is anchored a landing buoy where you can dock on. If the buoy is already taken you can anchor over an unregular underwater rocks.

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The three inhabited places on the South and East side of the island are "Filicudi Porto", "Pecorini a Mare" on the coast and "Val di Chiesa" in the interior. The island offers some real examples of the Eolian architecture: the houses and old buildings have neither been remade nor enlarged. All buildings have been conserved.

Filicudi has two landing places: "Filicudi Porto" and "Pecorini a mare".
Docking possibilities are located in "Filicudi Porto", in a large and beautiful bay on the left of the "Graziano Cape". In 15 minutes walking you can reach the corner of the "Craziano Cape", a natural fortress with the rests of a prehistorical village.

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The island of "Alicudi" has only few inhabitants and no mass tourism. The only rumors you can hear on this island are the waves and the wind.
Because of its rough and isolated character Filicudi doesn\'t offer bays or protect landing possibilities.

Useful information:

Harbour master: Tel. 0039 0789 21243
Fuel: Yes
Water: Yes
Electricity: Yes
Sanitary facilities: Yes
Maintenance and repairs: Yes
Travel lift: No
Crane: 15 t

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