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Pantelleria is situated in the canal of Sicily, in 120 km distance from Sicily's coast and only 80 from Tunisia.
To reach the island you have to navigate for 66 miles. Pay attention to the wind conditions because the island is perfect for sailors but also difficult to reach.

The main harbour lies in the capital and is composed by "Porto Vecchio" and "Porto Nuovo". The yachts can dock on the North-East-Side of the harbour near the gas station.
Take care of the rests of the old Cartagian mole.

The "Porto Vecchio" is protected from North- and North-East-Winds while "Porto Nuovo" is barely protected. Otherwise you can use the small harbour of "Scauri" on the West Coast or the eastern and northern bays.

Useful information:
Harbour master: Tel. 0039 0923.911027
Water: Yes
Electricity: Yes
Fuel: Yes

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Linosa is located 65 miles south from Pantelleria.
There are no harbours, docking stations are available in "Scalo Vecchio". When the weather is fine you can stay for a couple days in the basin of an old vulcano known as "Cala Pozzolana di Ponente" and protected by a group of yellow and red rocks.

With winds from South you should anchor in "Cala Manarazzo" in the Northern part of the island. There you will find a small mole.

Useful information:
Harbour master: Tel. 0039 0922.972041
Water: No
Electricity: No
Fuel: No

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Lampedusa lays at a distance of 24 miles from Linosa.
The North coast of the island is not inhabited because of its rocky structure while the South coast is sandier and lower.
You can land in the harbour that reserves ca. 20 berths for tourists.

There is only a small quantity of water and you can find two gas stations.
"Cala Pisana" is not accessible for travellers. Also the sea around the "Rabbit Island" is a natural reserve where staying, crossing and every activity except swimming is forbitten.

On the way back to Sicily we recommand a stop on Malta because the island offers all the necessary facilities. Also the islands of "Gozo" and "Comino" are very beautiful.

Useful information:
Harbour master: Tel. 0039 0922.970141
Water: Yes
Electricity: Yes
Fuel: Yes, two gas stations in "Cala Palma" and "Cala Salina".

Trapani-Levanzo 8
Levanzo-Favignana 3
Favignana-Marettimo 10
Marettimo-Pantelleria 66
Pantelleria-Linosa 65
Linosa-Lampedusa 24

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