The Tuscan Archipelago includes the islands of Elba, Gorgona, Capraia, Montecristo, Giglio, Giannutri and several reefs. Between them stick out the rocks of Palmaiola, the "Mouse Island", the "Ants of Grosseto", the "Africa Rock" and the "Ant of Montecristo".

Some of the islands are protected and lay in a nature reserve.

In order to visit the island "Pianosa" and "Montecristo" you need a permission of the state forestry.

 Isola d'Elba  Isola del Giglio  Isola di Giannutri
 Isola di Capraia  Isola di Pianosa  Isola di Montecristo


With its 200 km2 the Elba Island is the third biggest island of Italy.
Elba is very near to the Tuscan Coast and is reachable in 1 hour navigation from Salivoli Marina (Piombino's new touristic harbour). The distance from Cala Galera (Monte Argentario) is ca. 6 navigation hours (36 nm).
Elba has six harbours and many bays and landing stages. Portoferraio offers 300 berths for boats with up to 40 m length.

Useful information:

The shipyards Esaom and Edilnautica: Tel. 0039 0565-916665.
Darsena Medicea: tel. 0039 0565-914121
Water: Yes
Electricity: Yes
Fuel: Yes

Marciana Marina is the perfect harbour for trips to Corsica (Bastia 34 nm, Macinaggio 35 nm, Capo Corso 38 nm) and to the Capraia Island (22 nm).

Useful information:
Nautical club Marciana: Tel. 0039 0565.99027
Water and electricity: Yes, on the floating landing stages.
Fuel: Yes

Porto Azzurro is located in a protected harbour basin and is often busy. It is recommended to anchor in the roads and reach land in the dinghy.
It is possible to use the floating landing stages in front of the "Piazza".

Useful information:
Water, electricity: Yes, on the landing stages
Fuel: Yes

Cavo ist the first village situated behind Elba's North end.
The harbour can receive small boats with a 2 meters beam.

Useful information:
Water, electricityt: Yes, on the quay

Rio Marina has recently been furnished with floating landing stages.
The village is located behind Cavo and has only few touristic visitors: a good harbour in the whole season.
Useful information:
Water: Yes
Electricity and fuel: No

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The Giglio Island is situated at a distance of 15 nm from Cala Galera and its coast offers a 28 km long scenic landshape that includes rocks, bays and sand beaches.
The only harbour that can receive boats of 20 meters length is always full up. It is recommendable anchoring in the bay in front of the harbour entrance even though you should take care about the ferries that approach the port quickly.

Useful information:
Harbour master: Tel. 0039 0564-809480
Water, electricity: Yes
Fuel: Yes
Taxi: Tel. 0039 347-8175555; 0039 0564-806163; 0039 0564-809382

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The Island of Giannutri is located at a distance of 8 nm from Cala Galera and 10 nm from Giglio Island.
The few buildings you can find on these natural paradise have been built in the period where construction was still permitted. There is only one hotel, some road and a few private houses. They also call it the "Sea Gull Island" because of its many nests.

The only anchor possibilities are "Cala Spalmatoi" (East Coast) and "Cala Maestra" (North-West-Coast) because the other parts of the island are considered natural reserve. Fuel and water refurnishing is not possible.

Useful information:
Beach delegation: Tel. 0039 0564-898890
Water, electricity: No
Fuel: No

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The Island of Capraia is the "Pearl of the Mediterranean". She offers a rich vegetation and rocky coasts that are perfect for swimming.
The only harbour can receive boats with up to 25 m length and is exposed only to winds from North-East.
There is no electricity on the quay and for water refurnishing it is necessary to call the petrol pump attendant whose telephone number is published on the fuel tank.

If you cannot find any berth in the harbour, you can anchor in the bay left to the harbour entrance or in one of the many bays on the island's east side where you have to pay attention to the navigation prohibition signs.
Useful information:
Harbour master: Tel. 0039 0586-905290
Water: Yes, on the quay
Fuel: Yes, on the quay
Electricity: No

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This island is visitable only for some little time because it accommodated a high security prison. After its closure the island entered in the nature park of the Tuscan Archipelago.

The only area where swimming is permitted is the beach of the bay "Cala Giovanna".
It is possible participating at an island discovery under the guidance of an environment expert.
Since the maximum number of visitors per day is fixed for 100 persons we recommend to reserve the guide at the comunity of "Campo nell'Elba" (Tel. 0039 056597976) or at the park office "Ente Parco" (Tel. 0039 0565 919411).

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The island of Montecristo is located at a distance of 22 nautical miles from the southern corner of Elba. It is a double nature reserve: in the water and on the land. The island can be visited with special permits for study purposes or guided nature expeditions.
Fishing and swimming is forbidden next to the coast because of the existance of dolphins and wales.
Reservations for expeditions can be made at the office "Aziende Foreste Demaniali di Follonica": Tel. 0039 0566 40019.

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